May 31, 2021 saadghufran25

How digital marketing is impacting Pakistani marketing landscape

Digital marketing is the next big thing in today’s world of advertisement and it is certainly changing the trends in the world of marketing. The introduction of online platforms caused the classic marketing ways to be affected in several ways.

  1. Behavior-based data decisions

The strategic approach to technology, big data, and cloud services, linked with the introduction of location-based services, is expected to be the next “big thing” as it will enable progressive companies to lead the digital ‘game’. At present, the priority is mainly being centered around the collection, measurement, and usage of behavior-based data that will drive new ways of consumer segmentation, addressing new deeper consumer insights, which will result in the smarter, and thus more effective, allocation of marketing investments, more individualized communication, and the creation of more personal experiences.

The digital marketing approach has forced marketers to focus intensely on the quality of their work in compliance with research-based data and effective methods.

  1. Variety of platforms

Brands have now various platforms and multiple formats to advertise and market their products online than through classic ways. These include multiple formats (video, micro-video, blogs, white papers, studies, articles, webinars, e-books, live presentations, e-mail newsletter, etc.) on various kinds of devices and screens (PC vs. tablet vs. mobile), which alongside new marketing channels and apps/software like Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and to LinkedIn in B2B, have the perfect opportunities to market their products most effectively.

  1. In-house content creation:

To make more individual brand connections, organizations will begin to lessen collaboration with offices for content creation and either include buyers in co-making content (for example Airbnb), items, and sharing thoughts, or they will utilize their own in-house newsrooms and creation studios, as we as of now see from pioneers in this field – Netflix (House of Cards), Red Bull (Media House) and Amazon (Alpha House).