May 31, 2021 saadghufran25

Digital marketing trends in Pakistan

It is no secret that digital marketing is now the future and physical marketing is slowly being overshadowed by it. Digital media has captured all forms of marketing and has been the best and most effective platform for marketing for quite some time now.

Here are some current digital marketing trends in Pakistan:

  1. Video ads:

You must have visited social media platforms recently because social media is the thing nowadays and no one lives under a rock. Then you must have encountered numerous video ads. As soon as you open Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, you are bombarded with plenty of video ads.

These ads are highly valued because they target the right audience and provide adequate traffic for the websites that launch these ads. Video ads are more expensive than static ones but the price is worth it when it brings the desired results. These ads are one of the best marketing tools you could find.

  1. Local marketing style over international:

Non-local ads usually work well enough when it comes to digital marketing. However, local marketing trends have been increasing lately when it comes to Pakistan. Multinationals have used their other regional ads on Pakistani digital media marketing platforms. However, with increased public user awareness, it seems that only local ads are running these days.
This new trend has forced major brands, including various food and beverage brands and even electronics and appliance brands to make ads more compatible with the original Pakistani culture and Pakistani style of digital advertising.

  1. Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing is one of the latest Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan. However, it demands a wide variety of skills and luck including perfect timing, engaging content, and only then it can be successful.

Instagram Reels and Tik Tok are two of the platforms that define Viral Marketing well. The trend of Instagram and TikTok is booming these days and marketing and advertising through them, mainly through sponsorships, is an effective method. These platforms might become an opportunity for businesses to grow, get found, and go viral in days.