May 29, 2021 saadghufran25

Techcessories – Case Study 1

Branding and Launching an Online E-commerce store

The problem:

When the clients approached us, all they had with themselves was an idea. The idea to build an eCommerce store but without any executable help. That is where The Marketects Co. came into place. They needed help from scratch in terms of branding, logo, design, and web development and every aspect of their problem was well-catered by The Marketects Co. 

The process:

To execute the idea, there were several steps taken by The Marketects Co. team to ensure that a functioning online store comes into being. We sat down with our clients and streamlined all the ideas they had presented us with. This meant understanding what our clients wanted, the dos and donts, understand their mission and goals, and come up with a strategy accordingly. 

Apart from that, our team also helped them establish their e-commerce functionalities which included integration as well as WordPress. We provided the clients with all plausible logistical solutions, a framework for social media marketing, helped them determine the brand identity for their store, process SEO, and web development.

The result: 

Techcessiores online now exists as a very well functioning e-commerce store that deals with all the accessories related with the field of technology and appliances. Within one month into its inauguration, Techcessories online was also to boost up its sales by 40,000. That is how The Marketects Co. was able to successfully set up a business from scratch for Techcessories online. 


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