May 29, 2021 saadghufran25

Spectrum Hosts – Case Study 3

A source of fast, reliable and unmatched hosting.

Spectrum Hosts provides IT-based services to its customers while being based in Pakistan. Their innovation is updated regarding the best proficient quality administrations and services.This startup is executed towards persistently evaluating and propelling their hosting service, its quality and their product. Their team consists of talented experts guaranteeing their best to improve and present their customers with better services without failing.

The Marketects Co. and Spectrum Hosts

As a hosting website, it is very essential to realise that the website will have the most important impact on the visitor. We, at The Marketects co. understood this vital phenomena and helped our clients revamp the website from scratch. After careful observations and consultation, we helped devise affordable packages for hosting websites that would help the website gain more traffic. Developing brand identity and identifying unique selling points was also very pertinent for this company. Hence, The Marketects Co, with their clients, went into the depths of the startup to analyse each and every service Spectrum hosts offered. After identifying these factors, we utilized these to carry out effective social media campaigns and SEO related activities.