May 29, 2021 saadghufran25

Business Central – Case Study 2


Building a Media and Publishing Website


Located in Pakistan, Business Central is an emerging Pakistani media and publishing startup that deals with sharing entrepreneurial and business related information to all its readers. This extensively takes place in the form of posting blogs, articles and news. What’s special about this website is how different authors interested in this field can contribute their valuable content to the website so that this website grows into being the hub for all business and entrepreneurial inquiries. 


The Marketects Co. and its role

From marketing to the website build up itself, The Marketects Co. has been the brains for Business Central. When the team of The Marketects Co. approached us, our aim was to combine all their innovative ideas into one platform. Because this website was supposed to act as an information hub for future readers, we made sure that it is designed in a manner that is not only user-friendly and comprehensive, but also reflects the touch modern fare to it. 

Alongside the project, we also integrated the tool of SEO and Social Media Marketing. This helped them gain valuable exposure and engagement. From handling the inflow of large content, to devising a plan for brand identity, The Marketects Co. had it all covered for Central Business. 

When it came to brand identity, we felt it was very vital for us to sit down with the owners of Business Central and devise an identity that is easy to remember. For that we created 18 different kinds of brand logos and various social media posts to ensure a brand identity is established that is well connected with the theme of the business. 



Website Design:


Social Media:


Logo Formation and Designs: