May 29, 2021 saadghufran25

BBS AND CO – Case Study 4

The Great SEO boost 

Headquartered in London with a team of highly skilled professionals, BBS and Co is a digital agency that vows to convert all your marketing on digital platforms so that they can pace up with the rapidly moving digitalised world. Their central services are to set up and advance their customer’s business techniques carefully. They are known to draw in with their customers and their associations to acquire fulfilled development, client experience, backing, support, and upgraded marketing techniques in order to furnish them with durable digital arrangements.

The Marketects Co. and BBS and Co

Being a client at The Marketects co. means you matter to us like family. And that is also exactly how we treated this company. Grasping the idea of this startup, our team was on its toes to ensure proper execution of tasks took place. This involved formulating quality driven marketing plans and helping our clients build valuable relationships with theirs. Through our web development service, we ensured that the website is informative, captivating, design oriented and user focused. 

SEO growth

Our primary focus, as per our clients’ needs, was centralised towards SEO. We ensured that we help BBS and Co fight its digital challenges by amalgamating their analytics with our guidance and supervision. By proving maximum visibility online, the company witnessed an increase in their SEO activities. This led to having 30% more traffic to the website, a fall in the bounce rate by 5% and the average time spent increased by one minute.  

Website design: